Nat Geographic Weekend’s Boyd Matson on Shangri-La

Interview from the radio show. Thanks to producer Ben Shaw for sending this along!


2 thoughts on “Nat Geographic Weekend’s Boyd Matson on Shangri-La

  1. Ron Sweet says:

    Radio Shangri-La is a delightful read. I was there in November for two weeks, helping Kuzoo FM stream their broadcasts over the web. If you’d like to hear the broadcasts (in the native language of Dzongkha), visit and click the Listen Now button. They currently broadcast live during the day (the Bhutanese day is the North American night!), and broadcast pre-recorded shows during their night. There is currently a limit on the maximum number of simultaneous listeners in this phase one implementation, so if you hear no sound, then try again at a later time. Enjoy!

    Ron Sweet

    • Ron Sweet says:

      I should also mention that Kuzoo FM is currently in the midst of transitioning their internet connection for better streaming reliability, and there may be outages during the next little while. A reliable internet connection in the Himalayas is a delicate thing, so please embody the patience of the Buddha while they iron out all of the issues.

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