Libraries and Measure L in Los Angeles

This book about Bhutan from 1970 by Michel Peissel is the latest reason why I love the public library A kind reader in Ohio, Joan Campbell, wrote and told me about it, cautioning that it would be difficult to find; it’s not in the bibliography of Radio Shangri-La, because I didn’t know it existed until Sunday. (How that happened given how exhaustive my research was, well, that’s another story.)

1970 is before the Kingdom of Bhutan was opened to visitors; this book promises some amazing insights. And guess where I found it? Two blocks away from where I live at the glorious central Library of Los Angeles. Even if I’d wanted to purchase this rare out of print title, I’d have had to wait for days and pay at least $60, if not more.

Coincidentally, yesterday was the last day to vote absentee in the upcoming election here in LA which in part contains a ballot measure to restore service to the library, which was drastically cut last year. Right before I picked up this book, I cast my ballot in support of Measure L. No questions why!


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