Entering the WGHP newsroom

Have you ever revisited a place in your life and been awash in memories so powerful it felt like you only left yesterday? What an amazing day to go back to the station where I worked in North Carolina, and had such incredible friends and experiences, so many years ago. It was overwhelming, actually, how the newsroom and cast of characters was so similar to when I left in 1988! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I left but I love knowing that as a young woman I had the good sense to stay here for as long as I did (8 years in the region!)

I can’t bear the thought of watching myself on TV but if you’re curious to see me look funny with veteran anchor Brad Jones, who was more gracious and welcoming than someone needs to be early in the morning! Soon I’ll write up why the Piedmont Triad area reminds me of Bhutan, but I’ll get to that later in the week…

Eternal gratitude to Neill McNeill, Karen Adams, Tim Taylor and David Weatherly and Ross and Becky and Timmy and, and all the wonderful people I saw there today (too many to mention right now as I am running on fumes.)


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