Happiest place on earth: Mrs. Stump’s class at Brooks Global Studies Elementary School

The kids in Mrs. Stump’s 5th class at Brooks Elementary in Greensboro, NC (not these kids pictured here) had so many amazing questions about Bhutan this morning (and I was running late and messed up the schedule) that I never got to take a picture. Curious 10 and 11 year olds—born the year TV and Internet were allowed into the Kingdom of Bhutan—wondered: What kind of houses do they live in (they wanted to know what the materials were,) how hard it was to get supplies and what that meant, what the plane ride there was like, and whether they had the same freedoms in Bhutan that we do here. A shocking sign of the changing times is that all the kids were happy that smoking wasn’t allowed in Bhutan. (Given that this is tobacco country and at least some fraction of kids in the room probably had family who made a living from the industry…)

But the best part of it all was one of the chief reasons these kids are so curious and attentive: Mrs. Stump–who happens to be married to my dear colleague from way too long ago, Dave Stump. I want to go back to school just to be in her class!


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