The power of electricity, from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service

Singye Geog electrified, people elated

After living in darkness and under the shadow of giant electricity towers and power lines, the people of Singye Geog under Sarpang Dzongkhag have for the first time switched on the light.

Villagers said with electricity connection they would no longer have to carry kerosene from Sarpang and Gelephu. They added it was not a conducive environment for children to study in candle light at night.

Some of the farmers said they had tough time driving away wild elephants. But now with the village electrified they were confident that the elephant raids will be reduced.

“Without electricity in the past, we had lots of problems especially with the wild animals as well as to maintain a tight security. So, I have full hope that our village connected to electricity will solve many problems,” said Bal Bdr Mongar, a local resident.

Our reporter Karam Wangdi said that the people in the village have started using electrical appliances like rice cookers and water boiler.

“We feel happy and bright. It will help us to keep clean. More importantly, it will now provide us a good protection against our food crops, properties and even to human life threatening by wild animals like elephant,” said Jamba.

Singye Geog has four Chiwogs with 245 households. The Geog is around 13 Kilometres away from Sarpang town.


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