The Tibet Connection

A monthly radio show about Tibet, produced by Christal, one of the producers I met today over at KPCC (unaffiliated to that gig.) Oh how I long to go to Tibet, but for now, this show and its link-rich webpage will have to suffice.


3 thoughts on “The Tibet Connection

  1. elaine ellman says:

    Why do you keep the recent human atrocity in Bhutan a secret? Do you not know that in the early 1990s the Bhutanese government officially exiled about 1/6 of it’s population, and sponsored violence against them to assure their departure. The reason: some of the group – 120,000 people large – though buddhist, had some customs the ruling Bhutanese did not share.
    After suffering the burning down of their homes, physical and mental violence, incarceration, the very old, the babies, everyone whose ancestors came to Bhutan from Nepal 100 years before, trekked, mostly at night to avoid Bhutanese government sponsored attack, to a slice of jungle in Nepal
    with only possessions they could carry on their person.
    Ignore this cruel piece of Bhutanese racism at the peril of living in a grotesquely distorted reality: the perfect little kingdom where “harmony” is achieved by conformity at any price (as long as you are the one not paying for it).

    • Hi Elaine: I’ve absolutely not kept the refugee issue in Bhutan a secret. I know the story well. Have you read my book? It’s not specifically about the situation, but there’s irony in the use of the word “happiest.” Best wishes, Lisa

  2. Julie Adler says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Check your blog post re: the Tibet Connection. You may want to make a correction here. You say “A monthly radio show about Bhutan, produced by Christal, one of the producers I met today over at KPCC”…
    It’s actually a radio show about all things related to Tibet (be they in Tibet or throughout the world.) And it’s Christal Smith, Senior Producer on The Tibet Connection.


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