Plenty of Happiness in Joy, Illinois

This is so sweet: Joy, Illinois, it seems, is a very happy place!

An excerpt:

JOY, Illinois —
Happiness is a sign of the times in Joy, Illinois. Located in Mercer County, nearly 400 residents call it home. From the water tower to the local park and holiday decorations, Joy really lives up to its name.

“Everybody’s joyful around here,” said Boonedocks customer Jim Doonan.

“I think it’s because we’re very friendly people,” added Stephanie Jameson, an employee at Boonedocks. “Very, very friendly people. Small town friendly.”

The old photos give a clue how Joy really got its name. Founded in 1869, the top boss at the C,B & Q Railroad was James Joy. His last name became the town’s name.


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