Beautiful Katie the flight attendant and her midlife crisis

On board American Airlines back to LA today, a flight attendant saw Ted looking at the back of R/S/L and stopped to look at it.

Her: Wow, that looks interesting. Can’t wait till I finish graduate school to start recreational reading again.

Me: What are you studying in graduate school?

Flight attendant: Art History! I absolutely love it. (pause, smile, shrug) It was my mid-life crisis. (She smiles and rushes back to the first class cabin.) Back in a minute with a pen to write the title down!

Ted and me (simultaneously): We have got to give her this book! She will love this book!

(After a while the lady returns, we learn her name, give her the book, explain that I wrote it, etc.)

Katie: Yeah, after 9-11 I realized I had to change my life. So I took some time off to go work in Ghana. I got so much more out of it than I could possibly have given….

I felt like I was listening to Me, except with different circumstances. I hope Katie writes and tells me more about them!


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