My own personal happiness

So I’ve been doing this Track Your Happiness thing by some research scientists at Harvard for a while now, and I just completed the survey. (You can sign up for free, too; they alert you on your iPhone, which is kind of annoying, unless you love gazing at your iPhone and immediately responding to a short series of questions, which I do not. Although the questions are amusing, ie, “Are you alone?” “Are you making love right now?”)

Not surprisingly, I appear to be happiest when I am at a spa or when I am eating. I am quite fortunate that I don’t have a job I hate or have to commute for hours every day, nor am I struggling to eat or keep a roof over my head, so I think my level of satisfaction of day to day life is fairly high just without trying. (In other words, I ain’t living for the weekend, but I do love Fridays…)



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