Great interconnected universe

Be on the lookout for all the lovely and unexpected connections before you, around you. The best part of launching this book so far, hands down, is the overwhelming “this-is-your-life” fabulous parade of wonderful people who have been greeting me on the road, many of whom I haven’t seen in ages.

To wit: dear Chuck Collins, who I last saw 27 years ago, since the day we helped officiate over our graduation from Hampshire College. I’ve followed his work for years with great admiration; he’s a philanthropist and a major figure in the movement for income equality and I couldn’t possibly distill his great work in this blog post. But he and his family are people who give you great hope for the future of the world.

Thanks to this weird wonderful and addictive medium of Facebook, we reconnected and he extended an invitation to come to Jamaica Plain, MA to talk about R/S/L at this wonderful forum in a beautiful Unitarian Universalist church where he helps his community to host writers and speakers. And even though it’s freezing cold and there was the threat of snow, i accepted. It didn’t matter who came out; I just loved the idea of it all circling back to a person and place from so long ago.

My surprise at dinner beforehand was Sue Alexander, who was the assistant dean at Hampshire and then went on to serve at Wheaton College, which happens to be the alma mater of the currently reigning King of Bhutan. I knew this about Sue, her Bhutanese connections, so that wasn’t as much a shock as her kind gesture of trouncing out in the crummy weather all the way from Amherst. But what’s made it all the more amazing is that the current Hampshire student from Bhutan who she is hosting, whom she brought along….is a young woman, Kitso, who I met a few years ago.

And then, to look up in this church and see my cousins Joan and Robert, who happen to live right up the street, and old classmates from Hampshire Jeff and Mikel and Walter, too, it was just so moving and fantastic to unite all these worlds, old and new, together.


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