Corrections! and other book promotional blather

So my friend Noa who currently resides in Thimphu heard the interview with me on Leonard Lopate, thanks to the magic of the Internet, and she writes with this important correction:

“Bhutan is Vajrayana all the way baby. Totally Tibetan Buddhist. Kind of like the Dalai Lama. Maybe for the masses he might say he’s a Mahayanist but he’s a Vajrayana master. Also, I believe Bhutan is not food self sufficient. It relies heavily on India for rice and other staples. They are aiming to become 75% food self sufficient sometime in the next ten years but that will only happen if major reforms take place.”

I meant to say “subsistence” farming. Anyway, oh well.

Radio Shangri-La just got these two nice reviews, even though I swore I wouldn’t read reviews here I am telling you about them:

Christian Science Monitor

January Magazine

And here’s a story I wrote for Writer’s Digest about a subject that’s now near and dear to my heart:
how authors now have to do a whole lot more than write a book, when they write a book:


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