Comfort kills (or at the very least—bores us)

This blog post from Psychology Today resonates for me, a lot. It explains why i hated my last job after while, because it was so repetitive and tedious and predictable—all the things we are “supposed” to find comforting. Why is it the unusual is far more thrilling than the predictable? But it is. At least for some of us…

“We live in a society where comfort has become a value and a life goal. But comfort reduces our motivation for introducing important transformations in our lives. Sadly, being comfortable often prohibits us from chasing our dreams. Many of us are like lions in the zoo: well-fed but sit around passively stuck in a reactive rut. Comfort equals boring shortsightedness, and a belief that things cannot change. Your comfort zone is your home base, a safe place not to stay in, but to return to, after each exhausting and exhilarating expedition through the wilderness of life. Take a look at your life today, if you are enjoying a shelter of comfort, break through it and go outside where life awaits.”


One thought on “Comfort kills (or at the very least—bores us)

  1. TIMO ELLIOTT says:

    Thanks Lisa!

    In a world where being surrounded by comfort is prized, and the adventures of free-wheeling explorers is deemed questionable, it is important to remind ourselves of where we are going and what we intend to do.

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