12 Concrete ways to live a compassionate life

A perfect way to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King would be to make a cup of tea and check this out:

The title of religion writer and former nun Karen Armstrong’s new book is 12 Concrete Ways to Live a Compassionate Life, and it’s the result of her work after her receipt of the prestigious TED prize.

This interview with Neil Conan on Talk of the Nation is long, but worth reading or listening to; it’s difficult to distill in this superficial medium, and the nuances of their discussion as well as the caller questions are worth the investment.Cover Of 'Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life'
Armstrong: “I think we need to make compassion a bit more dynamic and exciting. People just think of it as being nice sometimes, and – but to see it as a challenge, as something active and as something that our world urgently needs….”

And here’s an excerpt of the book:



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