Of course you’d be happy if you lived here:

This story, For lifelong happiness, look to Okinawa looks at a new movie about happiness that romps around the world looking for it. It’s called HAPPY. Apparently, the people behind it found out (shocking!) that material wealth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Community is:


“Two years into the film’s production, Shadyac moved from his 17,000 square foot mansion in Hollywood to a mobile home. He now rides his bicycle to work and is deeply engaged in his community.

After all, according to Shimizu, one of the findings from the movie is that happiness comes from a sense of “connectedness” with something bigger than oneself, such as family, community, religion, nature, ancestry or the universe in general.

“In Okinawa, where people live longer than anywhere else in the world, we were stunned to discover their cause of happiness, beyond their healthy diet and tropical weather, was due to a sense of ‘connectedness’ one feels in the community,” Shimizu says.

“Values are one of the greatest predictors of their happiness. If they prioritize money, power, social status and good looks are less likely to be happy than if they value compassion, cooperation and wanting to make the world a better place,” Belic adds.


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