Happiness is a warm cat or dog…

…not buying new clothing.


(Personal note: this evening, I entered a clothing store for the first time in I don’t know how long, and it was a fascinating experience, like being Mork from Ork or the Robin Hudson character in Moscow on the Hudson or something, if those mean anything to you. I can see why buying clothing is intoxicating, but I also can’t totally imagine doing it more than once every few years, but I digress from the point of this post……)

This story from the Jakarta Post explains it:

“”Having a pet allows a person to learn to take care of something and elevates the sense of caring, which positively supports the development of well-being,” said Monty P. Satiadarma, a psychologist at the Tarumanagara University in Jakarta.

He explained the ability to express one’s feelings of caring, such as for a pet, creates a sense of lightness in a person.

“People have lots of needs, and one of those is the need for nurturance. Since animals are living beings, caring for them increases the person’s feeling of being meaningful to the subject being cared for and that meaningful feeling of the self supports the development of well-being,” he said.

Pets are credited not only for dispelling loneliness, but also for lifting their owners out of the blues.”

This is one reason people have children, of course…but humans are a bit more complicated.


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