What’s wrong with this phrase: “five-level Bhutanese parking structure”

Well, there are no parking structures in Bhutan! At least not yet. There aren’t even very many parking *lots. In fact there are only 40-something thousand cars in the entire country! (Growing fast, however, with the advent of car loans and young people who desire speedier, modern transport.)

This structure-to-be is in the little Bhutan….of El Paso, Texas.

Here’s the news release on the University of Texas El Paso website:

“C.F. Jordan LLC will construct a five-level Bhutanese parking structure in the middle of the S-2 lot between Rim Road and Schuster Avenue. The $12.43 million, 244,672-square-foot project will have 696 spaces and should open in spring 2012. It will be bookended by two surface lots that will have 57 and 49 spaces.”

Twelve million dollars, 696 spaces, 244-thousand plus square feet–those would be seriously ginormous numbers in the real Bhutan!


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