Mindfulness therapy is no fad, experts say

(I wonder if it could derail people who are inclined to perform heinous acts of violence.) This article in today’s LA Times doesn’t address that. But it does underscore how we might live in a more peaceful world if more people stopped and took time to look at their feelings, and meditate.

From the story by Christopher Woolston:

“Mindfulness therapy is no fad, experts say//There is solid evidence that mindfulness therapy, which combines elements of Buddhism and yoga, can relieve anxiety and improve mood…Mindfulness therapy encourages patients to focus on their breathing and their body, to notice but not judge their thoughts and to generally live in the moment. It may sound a bit squishy and New Agey to some, but….experts say mindfulness has something that discredited theories of the past never had: solid evidence that it can help….The treatment seemed to help ease the mental stress of people recovering from cancer and other serious illnesses, but it had the strongest benefits for people diagnosed with mood disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder and recurring depression.”


One thought on “Mindfulness therapy is no fad, experts say

  1. Mark Dust says:

    Bingo! It helps with managing PTSD symptoms too!

    Twitter: @mdust

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