Yak butter tea right smack in the Big Apple

If you’ve never had yak butter tea, well, then you’re not from the Himalayas…but if you’ll be in NYC this coming week, my dear friend Sebastian of In Pursuit of Tea will serve you some of this unusual delectable (well, actually two kinds) at his tea shop in Soho on January 11th.

You’ll also get the pleasure of meeting His Excellency Lhatu Wangchuk, the very charming Ambassador from Bhutan.

There is a charge of $40 per person. After all, you can’t find yak butter at every bodega in NYC…..

From the website:

This style of tea was created by Tibetan yak herders, who work in extreme conditions at high altitudes everyday. Seeking a restorative elixir, they concocted a beverage containing both salt and fat to help them survive the harsh environment. 

At our tasting, we’ll see firsthand how butter tea is made and sample different types to learn more about the beverage and its traditions. Two types of po cha (a Himalayan version) andnyeshing jorma (a distinctive Bhutanese variation) will be served.


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