Something from nothing

Fantastic piece in Tricyle today by teacher Ken McLeod on the virtues of doing nothing.


He writes, “We struggle in life because of a tenacious habit of wanting life to be different from what it is: The room you are in is too warm, you don’t like your job, or your partner isn’t quite the person of your dreams. You adjust the thermostat, get a new job, or tell your partner what you need. Now it’s too cool, you are earning less money, or your partner has found some flaws in you. The more we try to make life conform to our desires, the more we struggle, and the more we suffer. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to accept what arises, completely: in other words, do nothing.”

This is a complex and yet very simple topic and if you’re intrigued, I recommend reading the whole article because he distills it far better than I can in a blog post. 😉 But I can say that if you’re an inveterate lover of multi-tasking full-calendars, you might find this concept a challenge to grasp!


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