Year in Review

On his super-popular blog, the super-proactive, productive and motivational Seth Godin today suggests we all compile and post a #YearinReview of what we’ve shipped (his parlance for “completed” ) in 2010.

He writes:

“Doesn’t matter whether it was a hit or not, it just matters that you shipped it. Shipping something that scares you (and a lot of what follows did) is the entire point. [Funny, it’s actually difficult to publish a list like this… maybe that’s another reason we hesitate to ship, because we don’t want to tout too much].”

I’ll bite.
This year, I didn’t make a whole lot of money; the year began with my learning that the publisher was delaying my book’s publication a bit longer (and thus the last chunk of my advance), and that got the year off to a rattling start. But I think I made the best of it; I had a whole lot of fun, have never for a minute regretted leaving my job, and as importantly, I’ve learned and seen a lot.
*started the tradition of gathering friends to cook lunch for homeless ladies at the Downtown Women’s Center.
*volunteered to help kids with their homework at 826LA and got to see what an amazing place that is
*continued to help in and around and regarding Bhutan
*helped out Ted with his Live Talks LA and the Drucker Business Forum by volunteering to work the door (and got to see a lot of interesting people, too)
*volunteered on the Rock Bottom Remainders east coast tour
*took an amazing road trip with my friend Pema to visit my friends Sonam and Sherab in Mongar, Bhutan, and got to see READ Bhutan in action, which inspired me to make that my “philanthropy of choice” (I’ve been looking for one to really sink my teeth into.)
*learned how to make videos to promote my book, and have been posting them.
*got to interview Seth Godin live on stage in front of an audience, and I didn’t make a fool of myself.
*filed a couple of radio stories about interesting things and people I’ve run into this year, like the Gross National Happiness USA conference in Vermont. And tried to help spread the message by blogging about positive psychology, GNH, and related issues.
*worked as a correspondent with a TV crew for the first time in years
*took pretty good care of myself

That’s a fun exercise!  (Better than a resolution!  A review!)

Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.
Here’s to a great 2011.


One thought on “Year in Review

  1. Aby Tharakan says:

    And one of the high points in my past year was being able to meet you Lisa. When ever you arrive, you come with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and unbeatable charm. Wishing you more exciting times ahead.
    Blessed new year.

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