Photo by Gelay

I am sorting through photos by the amazing talented Gelay Jamtsho (guide, web designer, royal photographer extraordinaire!) for Xiron, the Chinese publisher of my book, and a photo exhibit here in LA, and check this one out:

It’s a little girl and pals in Merak, Bhutan, a couple years back. Merak only recently opened to tourism, this fall.


One thought on “Photo by Gelay

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am multiple comments behind, and I just haven’t gotten around to responding. So this comment is for several. First, I loved the picture of the nuns playing ball. There was wonderful joy in that picture!
    And yesterday, or was it the had before, you told of the guy who wrote a thank you note every day. That was fabulous! What a wonderful use of one’s time, thought, and life energy!
    And lastly, I love all your pictures from Bhutan. Thank you for sharing them!
    I have a picture that I saved from National Geographic several years ago. I believe it is from Bhutan. I will show it to you the next time I see you in person.
    David Evans

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