Sleep and well-being

Yet another reason I refused to take a full-time job that required working overnights:

No, not that guy. An unsurprising study written about in the LA Times shows sleep is essential, in this case, to your looks. But you didn’t need a bunch of Swedes to tell you that not getting enough sleep is a problem.

From the story:
“The Swedish study published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday measured the effects of sleep using 23 adults who were photographed before and after they were deprived of sleep. Observers then viewed randomly selected photos and rated their perceptions of the people in them.

Not surprisingly, the sleep-deprived folks got low marks on the healthy and attractive scale. Those who scrimp on sleep don’t just feel tired, they look it too, the study said. Here’s anabstract of the findings and the full study.”


One thought on “Sleep and well-being

  1. David Evans says:

    This makes absolute, intuitive sense to me! Isn’t it scary to think that, whenever we go to the doctor, we’re being diagnosed by someone who hasn’t had enough sleep for months!? Wow.

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