Happiness Calculator

Not that you need this, but, if you want to step off the treadmill a bit this crazy time of year and assess what really matters, this might help:
happy planet index
My friend Lisa who, with her husband, runs the philanthropy-encouraging-instead of buy-more-crap nonprofit that you should know about called Charity Checks, sent along this item in Good about the Happy Planet Index, which says as far as happiness goes, we rank on par with Sub-Saharan Africa (even though we spent $45 billion dollars over Thanksgiving weekend—or rather, you all did, because I don’t like to shop.)

“The site now provides a calculator—a timely tool in this season—to measure your own well-being relative to others in the world. Based on your input it will tell you your approximate life expectancy, your ecological footprint (i.e. how many planets would be needed to sustain your lifestyle) and how your overall life satisfaction compares to others in the world. I’m still digesting the fact that we would need four planets to live the way I do. Maybe you’ll fare better?”

I haven’t calculated mine yet but I sure know that living in Los Angeles, even in a place where I don’t have to drive every day, makes me suspect. (Although I should get props for living in community in this wonderful, crazy apartment building on Bunker Hill.)


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