The “Are you happy?” project


From the website for the just-launched “Are you happy?” documentary project:

“Exactly fifty years ago, in an experiment in documentary, people on the streets of Paris were filmed by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin answering the question, Are you happy? The Are you happy? project is going to find out what happens when we ask the same question in the global environment of the web today. What does happiness mean to us? What is a happy life in 2010? What are the triggers to happiness – people, things, experiences? And what things get in the way of being happy — financial pressures, our surroundings, outside forces, or things within ourselves? We want people to take part by answering the question Are you happy? with comments, ideas and stories — via video, webcam, or in photographs — to foster a conversation about what really matters to us today. We’ll bring the responses together online and edit the highlights into a documentary.”


One thought on “The “Are you happy?” project

  1. Sandra Ruch says:

    I am really excited about the Happiness Project. Look forward to

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