What do Baghdad, Bhutan and Burma have in common?

Refugee women from these three countries work side by side at Prosperity Candle in Northampton, Mass., a company whose mission is to “empower women from and in places of conflict through the spirit of enterprise.”

From their website:

The Burmese woman has fled Burma with her husband and three children, leaving several relatives behind. The 4 Bhutanese women represent a group of Bhutanese citizens of Nepali descent who have been expelled from the country and forced to live in tent camps in Nepal. All of these women – who are representative of a much larger group of refugees – have now been resettled in Springfield, MA and are seeking opportunities to rebuild their lives.

The Vessel of Light, created by refugee women in the U.S.

They arrived, this band of refugee women from Burma and Bhutan, at our offices knowing very little about Prosperity Candle and our mission to empower women who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of conflict – and they left waving cheerfully, knowing that they were now part of this larger Prosperity Family, one that was bringing together resilient women from Iraq, Burma, Bhutan & Haiti (more soon on this!).


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