Audio Shangri-la

Meet Jessica Kaye and Dan Musselman, the director and executive producer, respectively, of the audio version of my book. They are super-great and interesting people.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of recording with them at the audio facility Random House owns in Woodland Hills. Reading your own work out loud is both exciting and exhausting. And what a privilege to be able to do so. I haven’t read the book this closely in over a year, and even then, it’s very different when you read it outloud….

This is an unabridged version, and after probably 12 hours of recording, Jessica said we’ve recorded 7 hours. Three chapters to go, tomorrow.


Dan built this facility about six years ago, and it’s a really cool place, filled with actors reading books with various directors, every studio busy, so much more chilled out than a news facility and way cooler. Dan’s so civilized he even keeps the break-room filled with snacks and drinks.

The most ironic part is that my friend Karma, who happens to be Bhutanese, works in this very same office complex. Who says Bhutan’s a tiny country? After slogging through LA’s notorious gruesome traffic home tonight, I poured myself a shot of K5 Whiskey to celebrate the land of the Thunder Dragon.


2 thoughts on “Audio Shangri-la

  1. Rinchen Lhazom says:

    Looking forward to reading your book

  2. Mark Dust says:

    Super cool! I hope to have the same the experience someday!

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