Outward Bound

The wonderful woman who is directing the audio version of my book (more on that later) told me about an Outward Bound trip to Bhutan she saw advertised that’s….6700 bucks. Not including airfare to Bangkok.

What’s most interesting is that 1500 of it goes to Outward Bound, a ‘donation.’ Nice idea; maybe I should do a BooksToBhutan version of this with a tour operator friend, huh?

The trek in question here is to Jumolhari, a very impressive and formidable altitude-busting (7300m) trek that I would love to do some day and in this iteration includes some days in luxurious hotels (nowhere near the trek itself, as we’re talking major, remote, undeveloped-ness) and others in full-service high-end camping (see previous comment.)

If for some reason you wanted to go on some sort of trip, I’d be happy to tell you about tour operators who I’d reckon would do it at a fraction of the cost….

This picture from the digital brochure, by the way, is not of Jumolhari but of Takshang, aka Tiger’s Nest–a different sacred spot:

From their literature:

“Imagine hiking under some of the highest Himalayan peaks in the world, past silky prayer flags flapping in the wind, through yellow fields and sun-dappled forests as you challenge yourself via Outward Bound’s famous programs. This is Bhutan — a land where Gross National Happiness is much more important than GNP — and Buddhist monasteries are more prevalent than mansions. Gain a sense of adventure, teamwork and integrity on Outward Bound Bhutan — a combination of luxury hotels and full-service camping — on your way to the base of Bhutan’s most sacred mountain, Chomolhari.”

This, however, is what it looks like, courtesy http://www.faroutnepal.com/bhutan/bhutan-jhomolhari-trek.php


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