How to ‘Thrive’: Dan Buettner’s Secrets Of Happiness

The new book, Thrive, by world explorer and happiness “expert” Dan Buettner:

Yahoo did this video report (who knew they were in the video news biz–not me!?) about his happiest place in the US: San Luis Obispo. After watching this you might want to move there yourself:

And today on NPR he talked about one of the happiest countries he found, Denmark: ‘A Place Where A Garbage Man Makes As Much As A Lawyer’

>>Buettner devotes a section of Thrive to Denmark, where the “gross national happiness” is incredibly high. When asked why this is, he notes that the country’s leveling tax structure enables its citizens to have more freedom. “Normally when we think of happiness, we think of money and status, but Denmark teaches us the opposite lesson,” he says. “There, you have a place where you are taxed to the mean. A cultural norm reminds everybody that they are no better than everybody else, so you’re not going to choose your career path based on status. You’re in a place where a garbage man makes as much as a lawyer. So what you have are 4 million people who excel at things like furniture design and architecture.”

Singapore also ranks on Buettner’s list.


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