Gross Blogal Happiness and the new Dzongkha language paper in Bhutan

My friend Aby at Business Bhutan writes about the new newspaper in Thimphu, which is in the native language of Dzongkha, not in English.

An excerpt:

The vitality of Dzongkha as a national language, spoken by eight of the twenty provinces of Bhutan, has always been a concern for this nation wedged between two Asian giants, India and China.

The Dzongkha Development Commission – supported with government programs – has been trying to free the language from its Tibetan liturgical roots and make it friendlier after it was decreed the national language by Bhutan’s third king in 1961.

The language, now under the threat of a growing Anglophone society, got a leaping pad this week with the launch of Druk Neytshuel, the first exclusive Dzongkha newspaper in the country, published every Sunday.

Bhutan has six other English newspapers, all of which have Dzongkha editions. Save the oldest and state-supported Kuensel, other private papers just translate their English versions into Dzongkha.



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