Six things you should know about happiness

Nice happiness section on the website for the PBS series This Emotional Life, which offers up six things you should know about happiness:

Our “chronic happiness level” is governed by 3 major factors: genetics, life circumstances outside our control and our own activities and practices. Scientists have found that up to 40% of our happiness level depends on our own actions.

When people experience three times as many positive emotions as negative emotions, they flourish and thrive

People who report more positive emotions in young adulthood live longer and healthier lives

People are generally unable to predict how happy or sad they will be following a significant event and for how long

Happiness is contagious: it benefits friends through three degrees of acquaintance, and the effects can last for a year

Having a physical disability is not a predictor of happiness

Also look at the Connecting with Others section: “Connecting with others is the single most important thing we can do for our happiness.” Also discusses how happiness is contagious. (In other words, offload all those friends who are hard-wired to be downers.)

Thanks for the link, Carolyn!


One thought on “Six things you should know about happiness

  1. Neil Flowers says:

    Reading a novel and came across this quatrain from the Dhammapada which serves as a the epigraph to the novel (“No Pain Like This Body” by Sonny Laddo):

    There is fire like passion (lust).
    There is no losing throw like hatred.
    There is no pain like this body.
    There is no happiness higher than rest (peace).

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