Rev. Kusala

Ever since I started going to Bhutan, I’ve been intrigued by Buddhism, and right here in Los Angeles’ Koreatown (thanks to his podcasts on iTunes) I found Rev. Kusala as a teacher. He’s an amazing man, monk, musician, and he’s very funny, too.

As this write-up in the Ventura County Star says, he’ll be speaking in Center for Spiritual Living there this Sunday, if you can’t make it to the International Buddhist Meditation Center some time.

Kusala Bhikshu

From the story:

“The Buddha had two messages: why humans suffer and how to end that suffering,” said Venerable Kusala Bhikshu, 61.

“Buddhism is all about humans and the way they experience the world, and because we are born with original ignorance and not original sin we misinterpret the world,” he explained. “Buddha means one who is awake. So the Buddha woke up to human life, and for 45 years taught the path to end human suffering.”

On Sunday, Kusala will talk about the historical teachings of the Buddha according to Theravada, considered the oldest surviving Buddhist school.

“A bumper sticker approach would be, ‘Jesus saves — Buddha teaches,’” Kusala said. “So Buddha teaches us how to end our suffering; he can’t save us from our suffering.”


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