Press Freedom improving in Bhutan

I just found this on the website of the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy, an important non-profit crusading for media training and literacy in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s press freedom improves according to World Press Freedom Index 2010
Bhutan’s press freedom index continues to climb for the fourth year running. The global press freedom index, released by Reporters without Borders, show Bhutan at 64th place this year, up from 70th position in 2009, 74th in 2008, and 116th in 2007.
Much of this improvement in press freedom can be attributed to the continued growth in media in Bhutan. The population of 675,000 today have a choice of seven newspapers, six radio stations, and an increasing number of magazines. Most of the magazines and FM radio stations are, however, entertainment oriented.
The government of Bhutan has also begun to have monthly meet the press sessions where cabinet ministers answer queries from local press. While there is a commitment at the highest levels of leadership to provide media with the information they need, media professionals continue to find it hard to get access to information from bureaucrats and public officials. The Right to Information Act, although drafted, has not been put through parliament for discussion and endorsement.
Within South Asia, Maldives is ranked 52nd position, followed by Bhutan (64th), Nepal (119th),India (122nd), Bangladesh (126th), Afghanistan (147th), Pakistan (151st),and Sri Lanka (158th).

source: Reporters Without Borders/Reporters sans frontières


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