Travel observations on the way home

It’s always jarring to leave Bhutan and land smack in the middle of the commercial palace that is the airport in Bangkok. It’s as if someone transported Beverly Hills and stuck a billowing white roof on top of it, and lots of attractive Thai salesladies.

On the way: a lady boarded our plane in Daka (the only one in a gaggle of Bangladeshi businessmen) wearing a headscarf with a….Calvin Klein logo all over it.

The bartender at the poolside restaurant knew his US geography and desperately wants to live there. He wondered what we all ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner, and seemed happy to know that Lady Gaga was big in the US, too.

The television news piped into this hotel in myriad languages all looks the same, whether the anchors are German, French, Russian, Thai, or garden variety mix on BBC: cheery, chipper, chatting away. (Al- Jazeera’s bunch is a possible exception. They’re a bit more serious.)

Krispy Kreme has landed in Bangkok and people are waiting two hours to get a taste of it. Asia is apparently the fastest growing marketing for the sugary globules.

And I’m reviewing all the video I shot (much of it very badly!) on our Bhutanese road trip, which I look forward to cobbling together soon.


One thought on “Travel observations on the way home

  1. miguel says:

    I always find it intriguing when I run into someone outside of the US who desperately wants to live in the US. How can they possibly want something so unknown to them desperately? I usually try to argue. And usually give up after a few minutes.
    And I don’t understand Lady Gaga.

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