The Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Center

I happened into the new Indian embassy’s gleaming new cultural center this morning with the wrong and selfish intention; to use a real bathroom that I figured would be clean and not of the squat variety. It gets old sometimes here trying to find a decent rest facility with a flush toilet, much less one that’s clean!

I ended up staying a few hours, perusing the lending library of books (an amazing collection!) and taking a dynamite yoga class. Wow. Why don’t we have that kind of class in the US anymore instead of all the trendy stuff? Anyway, it’s sad that the Bhutanese don’t use that place more, but it has only been opened a month so far so maybe there’s hope…

I watched some archery this afternoon after running into a few friends and stopping in to see another, and after a lovely lunch with a dynamite woman who is trying to solve the very difficult nanny situation here in Thimphu. This problem is that working women hire illegal Indian maids to take care of their children; these maids are often the same age as their kids, which is troubling to say the least.

More on all of this later.

Three Good Things:
That amazing yoga teacher whose name I can’t remember.
Running into that lovely couple at the class.
Greek salad at Seasons with Phuntshok.


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