Magical Mongar, Bhutan

There are butterflies here in colors I’ve never imagined. Of all the magnificent spots in Bhutan, this has to be the most spectacular–and it’s rarely visited by Westerners. The very sight of one turns many heads, not that there are many heads here to turn.

Today on a visit to a farm village, we “ran into” surveyors from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service. They had been dispatched all over the country to do a census of who owns a TV or radio. The idea that there’s electricity in this place is amazing! But, as the Net connection isn’t great, I can’t show you a picture right now…

At a library started by READ in Ura, Bhutan, the other day, I asked the kids who packed in for the chance to meet a foreigner to do the Three Good Things exercise. (I was giving a “class” on creative writing.) Their lists were humbling. “Clean water, good food, I washed my clothes,” were among the list-toppers. These kids are thrilled to have a library and super-attentive and smart and craving knowledge, particularly of science. One kid said he felt like an Englishman, having a less from an American. 😉


4 thoughts on “Magical Mongar, Bhutan

  1. Anita says:

    Hi Lisa, it’s wonderful to hear your stories, keep ’em coming! How amazing to have you report from such a distant place, yet emotionally close.. Thinking about you in beautiful Bhutan – from beautiful Vermont where the leaves are turning color and the mountains are (also?) shrouded in fog…

  2. Bill Weller says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories, Lisa.

  3. karen says:

    Beautiful post, Lisa!

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