Paro in September

Message from Lisa:

I can’t believe how incredibly beautiful it is here in Paro, Bhutan, on this penultimate day of September. Photos can’t do it justice. The Hotel Zhiwaling is particularly gorgeous. Too tired for anything but the most superlative blather, but the journey here makes me so happy to be back. Just talking with people on the planes here reminds me how small and how big and exciting a world this is.

Click on a video below to watch it:

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3a53e3f445efc11b6f68f5fa0baa6707.jpg&width=71&height=53Video 61 0:00:03-30
Video Length 0:10
Click here to watch
base_bot_left_crnr.gif base_bottom.gif base_bot_right_crnr.gif

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2 thoughts on “Paro in September

  1. Emilin Lap says:

    O wow, you’re there! I am so jealous. Enjoy your stay :).

  2. Bill Weller says:

    The video is nice. Are you travelling with a group? We’re talking about going next year.

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