Things I forgot, and an interesting scary story about the Philippines

Desk-cleaning from a weekend spent mostly offline.

Some itinerant TGTs for you:

1. I slept in this morning
2. I took a long bath this evening
2. I indulged in hazlenut- chocolate gelato

Sandra1.Lunch with a good friend at Xaio he ate I fasted.
2.Breaking Yom Kippur fast with chocolate cupcake
3.My husband enjoying the Gorky exhibit at MOCA.

Singing “Born to Run” with Enzo
Going to Deb & Ron’s Samosa Party with tons of homemade samosas
Watching Enzo gut our broken printer and figuring out shit works

There was a story in the NY Times yesterday that raises many many troubling questions, and taps into themes I’ve been consumed by over the last few years: Where is home? How important are money and work when they take you away from the things that are more important to you? This particular article is about the Philippines, but it increasingly could be about Bhutan, or any place that people leave in order to make a living.

Toiling Far From Home for Philippine Dreams

Absence makes the homes grow grander in Mabini thanks to money earned overseas by Filipinos.


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