Morning Three Good Things

I find I can’t bear sitting at the computer for my last activity each night. Writing the things down in a book is one thing; but staring at the screen is another. When I got home last night I couldn’t imagine it! So I’m going to try blogging the TGT each morning….but still writing them down each night (which is the most effective way to do this.)

Here are a sampling of the many other lists that have been coming in. Thank you!

1.) Managed to find half a dozen things in my closet to get rid of. 2.) Enjoyed the gurgling of my friends 4mos. old.
3.) Felt like I was gettin it at my dance practice.

1. I teach a cooking class to young adults and the community building that has the kitchen I forgotten was being used that day for flu shots, but managed to squeeze 8 kids and 2 parents in the tiny library staff break room that had the microwave and a sink to make peanut- butter squares. Sometimes things go great even when poor memory kicks in… 2. Had a good lunch with fellow co-workers
3. Brings me joy when the same teens come every week to my art class after school with no parent pushing em to do so.

1. Waking up knowing my sweetheart is still above the sod, snoring (ugh) next to me šŸ™‚ 2 Waking up knowing I’m off to a swim that will restore me. 3. Grateful for my wonderful clients

A nice cup of green tea this morning.
My beautiful daughter riding horses with me yesterday.
My loving dog Kenya is so loyal to me.

Getting to talk with Karen for a really long stretch.
Watching Ted absolutely rock at his first interview ever (with Michael Eisner!) Brainstorming with Wade from Random House.


2 thoughts on “Morning Three Good Things

  1. Darlene Chan says:

    1. Felt like I was flying in Lauren’s Dance Party class today.
    2. Got a wonderful email from Linda about work I had done for one of her clients.
    3. Had a piece of duck bacon: yummy!

  2. Sandra Ruch says:

    1.Lunch with a good friend at Xaio he ate I fasted.
    2.Breaking Yom Kippur fast with chocolate cupcake
    3.My husband enjoying the Gorky exhibit at MOCA.

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