Your good things

Aren’t they great?Thanks for sharing your three good things! Keep em coming, and keep on spreading the word.

Ben A.My son went back to school, first day back after surgery.
I ate a yummy Vietnamese sandwich with bubble tea.
My daughter came up with a ridiculously amusing variant on Johnny Johnny Whoops Johnny Johnny.

The beautiful crescent moon is coming in my window at this moment.
I got to have lunch with my elder daughter – always fantastic fun.
I was part of a yoga demonstration today during which I was able to both be present and enjoy. (That has great implications for ‘cello performance, but that’s another story.)

Alison B.:

A lengthy, detailed email from my niece who is really enjoying her sophomore year at college, as a transfer student
A great networking meeting
A good hair day – they are few and far between these days

1. I am going to workout tonight at the gym. A year ago, I was too sick to even walk my dog let alone workout. Woohooo!
2. I have an amazing healer who is changing me
3. My skin and eyes are glowing
4. I read your email

1. Annie out of hospital2. First crisp fall apple of season
3. At the library event, running into George’s high school friend Bobbie and her friend, Bea, two amazing women in their seventies


6 thoughts on “Your good things

  1. Norm says:

    Went to see Jessica’s 2 week old boys Austin & Ethan (my grandsons)yesterday.

    Can’t wait or your book, Lisa, seeing how I’ve known about it forever!

    Working on the due diligence for sale of he company, FINALLY!!

  2. Neil Flowers says:

    Would Mary Lyn please give provide me with a contact to her healer?

  3. andrew says:

    A nice cup of green tea this morning.

    My beautiful daughter riding horses with me yesterday.

    My loving dog Kenya is so loyal to me.

  4. 1. Waking up knowing my sweetheart is still above the sod, snoring (ugh) next to me đŸ™‚
    2 Waking up knowing I’m off to a swim that will restore me.
    3. Grateful for my wonderful clients

  5. susiekarasic says:

    1. All the warm encouraging emails from my friends from ballet class, because I’m taking time off to heal my hip injury.
    2. Having some down time from work to spend on the kitchen update–cleaning out the cupboards after 15 years–how cathartic!
    3. My diet is showing results–I’m down to my weight from 23 years ago.

  6. Darlene Chan says:

    1. Really stretching in pilates class and feeling tall
    2. Excited feeling from going over plans with Neil on how to sell his book
    3. Fresh figs with a little bit of marscapone cheese and a few pine nuts for dessert

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