More Good Things

First, mine from today, Monday:

Celebrating Elise and Philip’s engagement with a lovely dinner (and not some dumb present that will sit on a shelf.)
Finishing Pico Iyer’s gorgeous book, The Lady and the Monk (even though I hated for it to end.)
Walking up 18 flights of stairs, twice, in prep for the Ketchum YMCA Stair Climb next week.

Alison sent in hers from NYC:
Had acupuncture on my neck and fell asleep during the process My nephew’s birthday present was delivered by UPS
Fall is in the air!

Karen sent along these comments from her mailing to friends. She’s been doing the TGT for nine months and loves it:

from Sonya Wang

Thank you! This is similar to Buddhism practice too. Minor difference is review what I did wrong today, write it down, think about it and remember not to do it again. :p

Big yes to positive energy!


3 thoughts on “More Good Things

  1. Sandra Ruch says:

    Attending screening tonight of Rory Kennedy’s doc, The Fence.
    Speaking to my sister who is in Paris.
    Getting a panini sandwhich for my husband who is
    in bed with back pain.

  2. Barbara Davilman says:

    I washed my dogs (all three)
    Cleaned my house & changed the sheets.

    Clean dogs, clean sheets, clean house.

  3. Darlene Chan says:

    TGT for Monday, 9/14/10
    1. Listening to my son work on “Take Five” on piano.
    2. Making potato leek soup for dinner.
    3. Watching season finale of Hung while on the treadmill.

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